[erlang-questions] Parsing binaries performance

Sebastian Dehne <>
Wed Jun 25 18:27:34 CEST 2008

> Yes, Erlang is slow doing that. Try running 30000 processes in parallel
> in Java and measure the difference that way. You'll find yourself
> writing into some Java mailing list asking for a way to make Java
> code match Erlang performance.
> Meanwhile, try using +native mode if you have HiPE enabled
> on your platform. This might help a bit.
Java is not made for running 30000 threads, so that comparison makes no 
sense, does it.

Since I'm new to Erlang, I was just assuming that my erlang code was 
wrong and there would be a more efficient way of finding a '\r\n' in a 
stream. If there isn't, then that's fine for me; but I just wanted to 
make sure, so I asked.

I'll try the +native now.

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