[erlang-questions] or?

Alpár Jüttner <>
Sun Jun 22 12:56:15 CEST 2008

> In this case, it would be better to do
> 	fib(N) when is_integer(N), N >= 0 ->
> 	    fib_aux(N).
> 	fib_aux(N) when N > 1 -> fib_aux(N-1) + fib_aux(N-2);
> 	fib_aux(N)            -> N.
> Better still, of course, would be to use the standard
> linear-time tail-recursive version, or even better, the
> less well known logarithmic time version (an approach
> that works for other recurrences as well).

Does erlang implement some kind of fast multiplication algorithm for

I'm just wondering because if the multiplication is done in O(n^2) time,
then this 'logaritmic time' Fibonacci computation is actually not faster
then the 'linear time' one. (It does O(log n) operation, however not
only does it use additions but also multiplication.)


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