[erlang-questions] Erlsom it's so close to being SAXy

Matt Harrison <>
Sun Jun 22 12:03:48 CEST 2008


Excellent you learn something new every day....(well I do) Compiling 
Erlsom with +native brings the erlsom SAX parsing performance up to a 
whopping 14.1 MByte/s and processes my 6.6Gb file in about 8 minutes.

Result !

Thanks for your help everyone.

Kostis Sagonas wrote:
> Matt Harrison wrote:
>> It's official, Erlsom is Saxy...
>> I have the latest version of sf.net, and have successfully parsed the 
>> 6.6Gb file in about 22 minutes.  With an average of 5.5Mb/s parsing 
>> time which on my T2500 laptop is pretty damn good.  It was nice to 
>> note that it was CPU bound, so when knowing the XML structure I can 
>> potentially split the file processing into blocks and multi-thread 
>> it.  Either way 22 minutes is an acceptable time in my book.
> Since this is CPU bound, you might also want to native compile Erlsom 
> -- this can be done by adding a +native option to the Erlang compiler 
> -- and see how much this improves things.
> Kostis

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