[erlang-questions] Erlang at OSCON 2008 (Portland ErlLounge?)

Francesco Cesarini <>
Fri Jun 20 20:22:39 CEST 2008

Hi Patrick,

great idea, whatever a BOF is (Definitions I found include Board of 
Fisheries, A pear shaped furnace & Birds of Feather)! But an ErlLounge 
sounds great. There are quite a few Erlang developers in Portland, 
several of which were at the workshop back in 2006. There is also a user 
group, but I am not sure how active it is. I'll send out a few emails. I 
will be arriving in Portland on the 27th of July, leaving on the 30th. 
The 29th would probably be a good day, as it is on the day of the 
tutorial. It should also drum up interest for Kevin and Jan's talks.

For those of you thinking of OSCON, the following are the Erlang talks / 
events I am aware of:

Jan Lehnardt on Couch DB: 
http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2008/public/schedule/detail/2725 (He is also 
speaking at the Erlang eXchange next week)
Kevin Scaldaferri on Erlang Concurrency: 
and me giving a Practical Erlang Programming Tutorial: 


Patrick Logan wrote:
> There are several Erlang-related activities at OSCON in a few weeks.
> There is no BoF posted on the web site though.
> Is anyone interested in a BoF or some kind of a social setting outside
> of the specific tutorials and presentations?
> I'm amazed at the increased awareness of Erlang over the last year,
> even. At OSCON 2007 I held an Erlang BoF which had 20-30 or so people
> mostly curious lurkers, so the BoF essentially turned into an hour
> mini-tutorial running in my Emacs.
> Anyway... I imagine this year could bring a good population of
> experienced folks.
> -Patrick
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