[erlang-questions] Erlsom it's so close to being SAXy

Matt Harrison <>
Thu Jun 19 23:24:15 CEST 2008

See what I did there with the subject title :)


Has anyone used Erlsom for sax parsing straight from a file, i.e without 
using file:read_file to load a whole file. I can't seem to find an 
appropriate call, and the docs don't seem to cover it.

I have large files 6gb+ that I need to SAX parse, the main requirement 
being able to parse them with about 1gb of memory.

Erlsom works a treat with files that are a few 100Mb but requires the 
whole file loaded in memory, which kinda kills the main benefit of sax 
parsing in my opinion.

I am not especially bothered about speed, (it was suggested that I look 
at c parsers linked into erlang) as this is for a data import process 
that will only happen rarely (mainly for development and testing purposes).

I still don't seem to be able to find any xmerl_eventp examples so if 
you have one please let me know.

regards and thanks,


I haven't discarded the using a c library I'm just fairly new to erlang 
and would prefer an erlang solution if possible as I don't want to 
venture into ports quite yet :)

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