[erlang-questions] Can one mnesia table fragment be further fragmented?

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Thu Jun 19 02:21:33 CEST 2008

devdoer bird <> wrote:

dd> I spilit one mnesia table into 3 fragments which distributed on 3
dd> machines named A,B and C,but now the the machine "A" is very busy,

dd> so I decide split the fragment on the machine "A" into small
dd> fragments.Does mnesia support this?

No, that isn't possible with Mnesia, not as you wish/state above.

If you have a table 'tab' split into fragments 'tab', 'tab_frag2', and
'tab_frag3', you can add more fragments: 'tab_frag4', 'tab_frag5', etc.
You can choose to put only 1 fragment on node A, 4 fragments on node B,
and 4 fragments on node C.  Assuming that access to the table is evenly
distributed over all fragments, then node A should be getting only 1/9
of the load, and B & C will get 4/9 of the load.


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