[erlang-questions] rbdict - A dictionary as a Red-Black tree

Jacob Perkins <>
Mon Jun 16 18:11:38 CEST 2008

I ran the following code thru fprof using N=1000 for Mod=dict and
Mod=rbdict. The basic results were that rbdict was ~10-20ms slower than dict
for both store and fetch.

store(Mod, N) ->
    Fold = fun(I, D) -> Mod:store(I, I, D) end,
    lists:foldl(Fold, Mod:new(), lists:seq(1, N)).

fetch(Mod, N, Dict) ->
    Map = fun(I) -> Mod:fetch(I, Dict) end,
    lists:map(Map, lists:seq(1, N)).

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