[erlang-questions] SNMP questions

Martin Bjorklund <>
Wed Jun 11 22:06:30 CEST 2008


Sebastian Bello <> wrote:
> > 1- we are using /snmpa:send_trap/ to send traps from within the
> > master agent node. How should this be done from a different node?
> > Maybe using Erlang communication to send the traps' information to
> > the master agent node and then issuing a /snmpa:send_trap/ from
> > it? Or is there a way to specify a remote node in
> > /snmpa:send_trap/?

Use the normal distribution.  Either do a rpc to the master node, or
use global to register the master agent.

> > 2- in a distributed application, how should the MIB represent data
> > from applications running on different nodes?

This is a MIB design question - the nodes in the cluster can be
explicitly modelled in the MIBs or not.


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