[erlang-questions] US DOD Certification of Erlang?

Adam Wagner <>
Wed Jun 11 16:49:27 CEST 2008

Thanks for the feedback Valintin and Ulf.  I think you're correct that
in my case it's more of an excuse than a legitimate concern.  I know
that there are costs/risks in getting new (uncertified) and
open-source technologies accepted for use on certain
platforms/environments.  However, in this case I think it's reluctance
by management to stray too far from something familiar to their pool
of Java/C++ developers.  I was curious if someone had explicitly dealt
with the certification issue for Erlang, but it's interesting to know
the DoD has (unknowingly?) been using products implemented in Erlang.
I'm planning to do a proof of concept with Erlang and see what I can
get away with.

Thanks again!
- Adam

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 2:13 AM, Valentin Micic <> wrote:
> Wow!
> Two birds with one stone ("Made in U.S.A" tag and open-source! ((-:||).
> It seems that "those higher up" are just using "certification" as an excuse.
> V.
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>> The DOD was AFAIK a major user of the Nortel SSL offload accelerator,
>> which was written in Erlang.
>> BR,
>> Ulf W
>> 2008/6/11, Valentin Micic <>:
>>> IMHO, open source may introduce security risks that might be very
>>> dificult
>>> to quantify. Maybe a sound approach would be to see if they ever
>>> certified
>>> any open-source environment (how's Java doin', for example) and see if it
>>> is
>>> even possible. But I have a strong feeling that DoD would not certify
>>> something that does not have a "Made in U.S.A." tag, woulld they? ;-) I
>>> mean, just think about it -- if they can run it, so can Russia, Iran...
>>> where's the competitive advantage?
>>> V.
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>>> Subject: [erlang-questions] US DOD Certification of Erlang?
>>>> I currently work for a US defense contractor, but am relatively new to
>>>> government work.  From what I've learned so far about Erlang I can see
>>>> programs on the horizon where it would be a great fit.  Whenever I've
>>>> mentioned the idea to those higher up, I'm told that it would never
>>>> happen because the DOD would never "certify" it.  Has anybody else
>>>> gone down this road with Erlang that could offer advice?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Adam
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