[erlang-questions] How long for the FFI EEP to go through?

tsuraan <>
Mon Jun 9 17:11:54 CEST 2008

> On 12/11/07, Joel Reymont <> wrote:
>> Is there an estimate for when the FFI EEP will be part of the Erlang
>> distribution?
> No, there is no estimate.

It's been about six months, so I figured I'd raise the question again.
 Has any progress been made on the libffi integration for Erlang?  I'm
very interested in this, so is there anything I can do to help, or are
the details with blocking calls and stability still just being ironed
out?  Is there a good place to get news on active EEPs?  The page for
EEP7 isn't exactly active, and it just says to ping this news group
for information.

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