[erlang-questions] [clarify] Limits and overhead of monitors

Jay Nelson <>
Sat Jun 7 18:06:46 CEST 2008

Has anyone determined the answer to any of the following questions:

1) Is a practical limit to the number of monitors a single process  
can hold?
      - I assume they are fairly static, so just the memory to store  
      - how are they stored?
      - any problems if I have 100K processes in an everyone  
monitoring everyone configuration?

2) How much overhead difference is there between a local monitor and  
remote node process monitor?
      - The pinging between nodes shouldn't need to propagate, just  
the failure to ping a node

3) Is there any difference between a peer-to-peer distributed mutual  
monitoring situation and a star network organization where the  
monitoring is located in the central pool of process?
     - Total number of monitors is fewer
     - Notification of down process should propagate in a similar  
amount of time (although I would have to manually chase down  
connections in the 2nd case by maintaining my own relationships)


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