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Phanikar.K <>
Sat Jun 7 13:13:18 CEST 2008

I am trying to make an distributed application through which I will be able
to run the same application using remote disk-less nodes. Regarding this
issue I am facing some problems .

I have created a target system and am able to run it on two nodes with
distributed option in the .config file. But Now I wanted to add some more
nodes where I don't want even to have any binaries of the modules in the
application but should be able to work with the application running on the
first two nodes.

1.Is there any way to push the application from any one of the first two
nodes on to all the connected nodes as we do with the module using
nl(module). Can i do the same for the application as nl(module) works only
with the modules but not applications?

2. And if the first two nodes are running on two different machines then do
I need to do the hot code loading on both the machines or is there any
option that if I update the code on one machine that should be updated on
the other machine as these two machines are using an distributed

Please suggest me if there is any round about method also.

Please answer me these questions as I am stuck up with my project at this
With Regards,
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