[erlang-questions] "erlexec: HOME must be set" error - a build question

Raymond Xiong <>
Fri Jun 6 05:53:58 CEST 2008

I am integrating Erlang into a build environment, where people 
ususally unset all env varialbes first and then build, for example:

   $ env - build.ksh

The purpose is to put all needed env variables into build.ksh script
so that people with different settings can get the same build result.

That unfortunately caused "erlexec: HOME must be set" error when 
I built Erlang, because it assumed HOME env variable should be set. 

My question is how the HOME directory is used? Does Erlang saves
any config files under it? Is it OK to set it to, say, /tmp directory
in this case(If so, then I can it define it in build.ksh script)? 


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