[erlang-questions] Troubles Bridging SNMP and Mnesia

Martin Bjorklund <>
Wed Jun 4 21:38:22 CEST 2008


Hmm, I didn't look too closely at the error message you got...

John Koenig <> wrote:
> ---- Erlang error from publisher_snmp
> =ERROR REPORT==== 4-Jun-2008::12:58:26 ===
> ** User error: Got {' <mailto:>',reporter} from {snmp_generic,table_func,[{pollData,mnesia}]}. Using wrongType

This looks weird.  You have a really strange atom
' '.  But maybe the <mailto..> part was added
by a clever email program?

> The data that appears in the table (all 616 rows of it) looks
> exactly the same and are of the form:
> {tableName, rowID (int and key for snmp), {node, process},
> stackSize, heapSize, messageqlen, date(), time()}

Aha!  You cannot use the 2-tuple {node, process} when you store MIB
data.  The erlang data type must match the type defined in the MIB.
If the second column in your MIB is a string, you must store a string
in the Mnesia table.

Hope this helps.


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