[erlang-questions] Relocating Erlang installation on Windows?

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Wed Jun 4 18:57:36 CEST 2008

Johan Holmberg <> wrote:

jh> Doesn't your script still produce an installation that is not
jh> position independent, just relocated to another place?  (since one
jh> absolute path is replaced with a new one in the scripts).

Yup, you're correct.  Packaging that's path/position independent
requires more packaging mucking than I was willing to endure, and, as
you've pointed out, the packaging is different for Windows (which I
don't use regularly).

I don't know what the Wings3D folks do for packaging the Erlang runtime,
but it might be worth taking a peek; most of its installations use the
Windows platform, IIRC.


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