[erlang-questions] Twoorl: an open source Twitter clone

Steve Davis <>
Wed Jun 4 16:06:27 CEST 2008

I just reread the entire thread and have three short "addenda"...
1) I realized that I simply reposted the link to process-one that Dale
Harvey introduced and set me off on looking at ejabberd - apologies
for that.
2) Joe's very first post in the thread suggests using mnesia as a
front-end cache - for a first step in dealing with scaling - i.e.
evolving your architecture to keep step with demand and so "go
vertical first" - this suggestion seems to me to be exactly right.
3) What has struck me from this discussion is that there are a large
number of options *already available* as good architectural components
for building full-scale systems. Beyond hardware and the inevitable(?)
RDBMS, everything can be done with Erlang/OTP + OTP applications.

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