[erlang-questions] Re locating Erlang installation on Windows?

Zvi <>
Tue Jun 3 10:29:04 CEST 2008

Hi Johan,

can you give me the pointers, how to rebuild Erlang from source on Windows?

Thanks in Advance

Johan Holmberg-2 wrote:
> On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 7:42 PM, Scott Lystig Fritchie
> <> wrote:
>> Johan Holmberg <> wrote:
>> jh> I wonder if there is some way of getting the installation "position
>> jh> independent"?
>> Not that I'm aware of.  (I'm just catching up on my mailing list reading
>> and noticed that no one (?) has replied to your query.)
> Thanks for your answer (yes, you were the first to answer).
> I think I understand what your script is doing. I have tried similar
> things on Windows, but there other files contain the "absolute paths"
> (e.g. "erl.ini"). Erlang seems to handle this stuff in totally
> different ways on Unix and Windows: on Unix with symlinks and shell
> script wrappers, and on Windows by reading the "erl.ini" files.
> Doesn't your script still produce an installation that is not position
> independent, just relocated to another place?  (since one absolute
> path is replaced with a new one in the scripts). I would like to take
> this one step further to be able to move the directory tree to a new
> place and have it work "out of the box".
> For my Windows Erlang I decided to change the C source code reading
> the "erl.ini" file. So now I can use a symbolic value in my "erl.ini"
> files like this:
>   [erlang]
>   Bindir=%EXE_DIR%\\..\\erts-5.6.2\\bin
>   Progname=erl
>   Rootdir=%EXE_DIR%\\..
> When "erl.exe" is started, it will replace %EXE_DIR% with the actual
> directory of the "erl.exe" binary. This feels like a kludge, and I had
> to rebuild Erlang. But it seems to work ...
>> We use a shell script to relocate builds of R11B-5 on Linux, which is
>> included below.  It mostly works, but since we don't use "escript" and
>> some of the other scripts, I don't know if it does 100% the right thing
>> with all the scripts.  It also doesn't do anything with Windows-only
>> files.  Hope it helps.
>> -Scott
> Since I found the same "absolute paths" as you, I now believe my
> changes have a chance of working. But like you, I'm not 100% sure.
> /Johan
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