[erlang-questions] Erlang in Toronto?

Justin Giancola <>
Thu Jul 24 04:17:53 CEST 2008

A few Toronto developers who have been experimenting with Erlang
in their spare time ran into each other this weekend at a conference
and decided it would be a good idea to organize some kind of a

It might not be appropriate to even call this an Erlang user
group--we're not sure anyone in Toronto is actually _using_ Erlang!
But maybe we're wrong.  Either way, let us know if you're in Toronto
and working or playing with Erlang--we'd like to get an idea of how
many people would be interested so that we can select an appropriate
venue.  You can either reply to this post or email 

Justin, Luke, et al.

p.s. we've registered the tdoterl domain as the future home for the group.
There's nothing there yet, but we're planning to build a site (in
Erlang, of course) as one of the group's first projects.

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