[erlang-questions] R12B-1 runtime-errors

denis <>
Wed Apr 30 17:23:28 CEST 2008

If I’m remember well, no. We are developing on windows, and the result was a
crash of werl, but no crash dump. I tried on linux, and got the same kind of
errors. But I can’t remember if we had a core and/or crash dump. The error
was random, sometime bad tag, sometimes otherwise. 



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We have binary matching yes. Did your runtime produce a crash dump or core?



Chih-Wei Yu

On 4/30/08, denis <> wrote: 

Do you use binary pattern matching  in your program ?

I already had the same kind of errors (at random) in a program which did
pattern matching on binaries. It was a bug in R12B1. 

It's fixed in R12B2.






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Hi everyone,


I'm having some issues with Erlang 12B-1 getting errors such as
'size_object: bad tag for 0x528' in the nohup.out file. I'm running SMP on
Solaris 10 platform. Can anyone advise on the cause of the error? Thanks



Chih-Wei Yu


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