[erlang-questions] new mnesia storage type question

Paul Mineiro <>
Tue Apr 29 18:44:38 CEST 2008


we're bumping into the "no ordered sets on disk" problem with mnesia alot
and we're considering trying to use libmysqld to make a new table type.

i'm assuming mnesia_access is the method for integration.  however, it
looks like mnesia_access only covers reads and writes.  so for instance it
appears we would have to make our own analog to mnesia_schema to handle
operations like create_table, add_table_copy, etc.  if we want location
transparency on reads and writes, we'll have to roll our own; and we can't
reuse mnesia's locking strategy since it dovetails into dirty_reads on the
primitive table types.

so it comes down to, the advantage over just running mysql is that the
Erlang precursor API would make it easier to do things like distributed
locking, location transparency, or moving a table (fragment); but we'd
still have to write alot of code.

is there another option for adding a table type to mnesia?

-- p

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