[erlang-questions] bug under windows? -detached just exits

Michael Regen <>
Mon Apr 28 00:31:57 CEST 2008


When I try to do the following:
  erl -detached
under Windows R12B-2 the erl.exe process just exits.
The same under R11B-5 leads to a running erlang process in the background.

Same result if I try to start something meaningful:
  erl -detached -name  -mnesia dir '"db"' -s mnesia

Checked this on two different Windows systems.

So, I am currently scratching my head how to start an Erlang daemon. What
about ejabberd, etc.? And yes, I know, daemons are supposed to run under
Unix... ;)

Is this a new bug or did I miss something?

Thank you and regards,
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