[erlang-questions] [Beginner]How do I find out ifibrowse:send_req/5 has timed out?

Logan, Martin <>
Mon Apr 21 18:04:27 CEST 2008

Online docs for iBrowse can be found here:

Looking at the documentation for send_req/5 I don't see anything about a
timeout specified.  Chandru perhaps it would be a good idea to release a
patch version bump to 1.4 with that clarification?  


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Subject: [erlang-questions] [Beginner]How do I find out
ifibrowse:send_req/5 has timed out?

Hello Erlangers. I'm still at the "struggling bravely" phase and peering
at code which is still somewhat over my head.

Part of this uses ibrowse:send_req/5, which doesn't have a timeout. Or
at least none it owns up to. Will it timeout eventually, and if so how
do I tell that it did?

If it doesn't time out, same basic question applies should I use
ibrowse:send_req/6 - how do I tell?

Vik :v)

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