[erlang-questions] aborted, bad_type when creating Mnesia disc only table

Darren New <>
Sun Apr 20 18:07:42 CEST 2008

Petr Sturc wrote:
> {aborted,{}}

I believe you're not allowed to have ordered tables that are only on 
disk. If you're going to sort the table, it has to fit in RAM.

I've been vexed by this too, trying to design a replacement for our 
current system (based on MySql). I'm thinking either an ordered RAM-only 
copy of just the keys as a secondary table, or building a second table 
with a column for each attribute I want to sort on, maintaining a 
skiplist in each column.  (My ordering criteria don't change once the 
record is written, but it gets messier if you want to be updating the 
key it's ordered on.)

(Sorry if you get that twice.)

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