[erlang-questions] wxerlang and linux

Richard Carlsson <>
Fri Apr 18 22:46:24 CEST 2008

Bob Cowdery wrote:
> Hi
> Has anyone set up wxwidgets on Ubuntu? I'm trying to port my wxerlang
> code to Linux and I just get an enoent error from wx:new(). As far as I
> can see everything wx wise is installed correctly in /usr/lib and
> wx-config reports sensible things.

I can at least report that it does work on Ubuntu (8.04 beta);
after installing a bunch of dev-packages for WxWidgets and OpenGL,
I was able to compile it and run a couple of the demo programs, but
I have not had any time to experiment any further. (See the screenshot;
I've no idea why the frame is missing though - seems to be a bug in
the Gnome screenshot utility.)


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