[erlang-questions] ex11 example for read_jpeg wanted

Sten Kvamme <>
Thu Apr 17 20:55:58 CEST 2008


Where can I find some example code on how to use ex11_lib_read_jpeg?  
Running ex11_lib_read_jpeg:test() gives me a {ok,{74,90,[<<"\374 

I suppose this is width, height, and an array of binary image rows.  
ePutImage(Draw, GC, Width, Ht, X, Y, Pad, Depth, Data)  could be used  
but it would be nice to have an example, so if someone have an  
example deep down in the harddrive backyard?

I can understand if you guys thinks ex11 sucks, and don't want to  
deal with it anymore, but where I use it it shines.

/Sten Kvamme

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