[erlang-questions] small build

Steve Vinoski <>
Thu Apr 17 19:32:54 CEST 2008

On 4/17/08, Kenneth Lundin <> wrote:
> What you get when you fetch, build and install the Erlang/OTP
>  distribution from www.erlang.org is a development system for Erlang.


Thanks Kenneth, this is great info, and thanks also to Matthias and
Bjorn for their very useful responses as well.

One other question: where can I learn more about cross-compilation?
Not sure if this qualifies as "real" cross-compilation, but I'm trying
to get a 64-bit x86_64 Redhat Linux box to build for a 32-bit i686
Linux system, and either I'm doing something wrong or it's not easy.
After much trial and error I've ended up running configure like this
(using the bash shell):

$ CC='gcc -m32' LD='gcc -m32' ./configure [other options]

and then running make like this:

$ TARGET=i686-redhat-linux-gnu make

which kind of sort of seems to work -- this didn't seem to work with
R11B-5, specifically for hipe, but it does appear to work with R12B-2.

But this seems awfully obscure to be the right way of doing this. I've
searched quite a bit but have come up empty. Is there a better way,
and if so, what is it? All pointers to docs, prior emails, etc.


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