[erlang-questions] How to call a locally Pid cross node on Distributed Application!

wenew zhang <>
Thu Apr 17 09:38:55 CEST 2008

Yes,it's could create a process and use Pid!{Message} send message,

but i use gen_server behavior  so i want to use
gen_server:call(Pid,{Message})  to send message,

in my situation, create process successfully,but can't use gen_server:call()

1.why i get the "exception exit: {noproc," message like below?
2.when i use appmon:start() ,i neither find the pid on AuthserverNode nor

()4> Pid=spawn(
Authserver start_link
()5> Pid.
** exception exit: {noproc,

     in function  gen_server:call/2

> > thanks for your reply,
> > i see a example like you said on Joe 's book,
> > can i use gen_server as a rpc:call()'s Arg ?How can i do that?
> > tks
> Sure you can.
> rpc:call(Node, yourgenserver, start, [Params]).
> BTW don't top-post and don't forget to CC to erlang-questions :)
> --
> With best regards!
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