[erlang-questions] abstract/static modules, multicast, and best practices

Richard Carlsson <>
Tue Apr 15 20:30:55 CEST 2008

Roberto Saccon wrote:
> I just received a direct mail from someone, who tried  to post on the
> Erlang  Mailing list, he tried everything ("I tryied posting directly
> the list site on google groups and sending an email. I also mailed the
> list owner, but never got a reply."),  but did not get through,so I am
> posting this on behalf of: Lasaro Camargos <>:
> ===================================
> [...]
> Second, recently I saw some discussion about abstract and static
> modules in erlang. The only material that I found seems to be an
> outdated academic paper (Parameterized modules in Erlang). Is there
> where I can learn more about these abstract and static modules and
> parameterized modules? Is the paper what has been implemented in
> erlang?

Yes, the implementation pretty much follows the paper. You can also
look at the slides on inheritance, to see some of the latest changes:

All of this is available in the latest R12 releases of Erlang.

Note that these are experimental features, not officially supported yet.


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