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David Mitchell <>
Mon Apr 14 22:24:22 CEST 2008

I'd be interested, mainly because Erlang and Ruby are the two languages I
work with most and it's quite possible I might want to work with the two
together at some point (e.g. use Rails to build a Web front end onto an
Erlang app).  I don't have any specific requirement in mind though.


Dave M.

On 14/04/2008, Michael T. Richter <> wrote:
>  I've been toying (to the point of researching) with the idea of making a
> Ruby<->Erlang binding along the lines of erl_interface or jinterface.
> Before I go beyond toying and into the realm of actually doing, I'd like to
> quickly know two things:
>    1. Is there any point to this?  Would there in fact be any interest?
>    2. Has/is someone already done/already doing such?  (I did a quick
>    search on this on Google and hit a few projects, none of which seemed to be
>    as complete as, say, jinterface at first blush.)
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