[erlang-questions] Stockholm - Erlang User Group ( First Presentation, 22/4)

Francesco Cesarini <>
Mon Apr 14 15:40:56 CEST 2008

Hi All,

Please pass this on to those you think might be interested:

The Stockholm Erlang User Group is slowly taking form. We have put up a 
preliminary page where we will list the events: 

We are following a format similar to the one in London, where, depending 
on the subject, we have between 20 - 50 people attending every meeting. 
I have set up a yahoo groups mailing list which will be used to announce 
all of the events, offloading the Erlang Mailing list. You can subscribe 
to it in the top right of the page or by sending an email to 

The goal is to have one or more talks at host companies. That means we need

* Host Companies
* Speakers

Please volunteer for both before I start chasing and nagging you. It 
would be great if we can have the next session planned before the next 
meeting, and announce it there.

We kick off the first Stockholm Erlang User Group meetig with a talk by 
Prof. Kostis Sagonas about the ongoing research of the HIPE team from 
Uppsala University. The presentation will on the 22nd of April and start 
at 18.30 in Kreditor <http://www.kreditor.se>'s new offices on S:t 
Eriksgatan 117 
in Stockholm. The doors will be open from 18.00 onwards. To join the 
Erlang Stockholm User Group mailing list and receive future updates and 
events, join in the Stockholm Erlang User Group page: 

If you are interested in attending this free event, you have to register 

By registering, you will enable us to plan room size and refreshments 
accordingly, provide Security with the name list of participants, and in 
those extreme cases where the number of places are limited, close 
registration as soon as we have reached the maximum room capacity or 
find a larger room. *

Type-based tools for sustainable development of Erlang programs

**Abstract:*In this talk/demo combination we will review how three 
different type-based tools can be used to detect bugs in Erlang 
programs, document data structures and application interfaces, 
(in)validate hidden programming assumptions, and retrofit Erlang 
applications. In the process, we will also discuss the associated Erlang 
Enhancement Proposal (EEP8) which aims to add a type and specification 
language on top of Erlang. Two of the tools that will be reviewed 
(dialyzer & typer) are already part of the Erlang distribution. The 
third is yet to be named but is slowly maturing nonetheless.
*Biography:*Kostis Sagonas is a travelling scientist interested in 
programming languages and software development. He an Associate 
Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, where the 
students occasionally allow him to work. He is also a Docent at Uppsala 
University leading the HiPE group where he has occasionally managed to 
convince its members to do what he thinks it's best for the project and 
for Erlang. In the last two years he has been obsessed with enriching 
Erlang with success (typings, that is) and contracts.

I look forward to your feedback.


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