[erlang-questions] CBSE anybody

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) <>
Wed Apr 9 11:20:54 CEST 2008

Joe Armstrong skrev:
> let's annotate the code - something like
>      receive
>           {a_message, X,Y} ->
>                   ....
>           {Pid, Bin} ->
>                     event(in, "{get,  "}), %%       <- the annotation
> that links the code to the protocol spec
>                     term = binary_to_term(Bin),
>                     ...
>      end

I'd like to see a standard module in OTP that has some
strategic functions like this. The main purpose of the
functions would be "executable comments", and since they
are executable, they are also traceable. Using them,
we could produce a software equivalent to "as-builts"
in run-time.

As-builts, are e.g. blueprints of a house, indicating
how the house was actually built - not how the architect
conceived it. They can be the architectural blueprints
with lots of scribbling on top.

While one may argue that this is solved by round-trip
engineering, the round-trip usually only extends to
include hand-written code - not visualizing the dynamic
behavior of the code.

> Can anybody recommend any books here that might enlighten
 > me or should I just buy a dozen or so and read them all?

I should have a copy of Schlaer-Mellor's "Object Lifecycles: Modeling 
the world in states" in my bookshelf at the office.


You can leaf through it at will.

Ulf W

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