[erlang-questions] Vector instructions

Richard A. O'Keefe <>
Mon Apr 7 01:01:34 CEST 2008

On 7 Apr 2008, at 9:16 am, Zvi wrote:

> This is the same kind of mistakes, like 2 bad design decisions made in
> Erlang:
> 1. "Ohh, record looks just like a tuple!",  so let's throw in some  
> syntactic
> sugar for this, instead of real immutable structs/dictionaries.
> 2. "Ohh, string looks just like a list of integers!", so let's throw  
> in some
> syntactic sugar for this, instead of implementing real Unicode-aware
> immutable string datatype.

I cannot let this past.  It must be understood clearly that
for many purposes, Erlang's use of lists of integers for strings

The number of programming languages with a "real Unicode-aware immutable
string datatype" can be counted on the fingers of one ear.  Unicode is
far more complicated than most people realise.  The Unicode 5.0 book
(which I am currently slogging through) is >1400 pages.  Admittedly,
much of that is code charts, but an astonishing amount of it is not.

I am not excepting Java from the list of "not real Unicode" languages.
Unicode has about a hundred thousand characters.  Java characters are
16 bits.  Need I say more?

One language that _doesn't_ have Java's central defect is Haskell,
where the native representation for a string is, ahem, a list of
character( code)s.

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