[erlang-questions] : My messages don't appear in the mailing-list

jm <>
Thu Apr 3 12:16:50 CEST 2008

Raimo Niskanen wrote:
  > Yes. The server uses greytrapping as a spam defense. And for
> large SMTP farms with few subscribers (to our maling lists)
> it does not work that well automatically. Your mails arrive
> from many different mail hosts, and since one particular
> mail can be resent from a different host, the mail hosts
> have a hard time getting whitelisted. And that is why
> some mails get through instantaneouly and some not.
> If there were many subscribers to erlang-questions from
> your SMTP farm all hosts would become whitelisted with ease,
> and the problem would disappear. It disappears now
> too, but it takes time.
> I have made all your SMTP farm hosts permanently approved.
> Thank you for pointing this out.
> Anyone else with the same problem let me know!

What are you using for a mail server? I'm using postfix for a mail 
server at an ISP and at one stage started writting a postfix policy 
server in erlang with mnesia support to allow grey listing to work 
correctly across multiple servers. It was shelved early on. Might be 
time to drag it out and take another look.


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