[erlang-questions] Erlang "jar" file?

Benjamin Tolputt <>
Wed Oct 31 23:11:49 CET 2007

See comments embedded below...

Kenneth Lundin wrote:
> <snip>
> We tried code loading from zip files with focus on compatibility and
> improved speed for code loading (it is easier if you skip the 
> compatibility or make the user to choose between ordinary code 
> loading as of today and archive loading)
> There was no speed improvement so we did not release it.
> But now we are considering adding support for code loading from
> archive files again, not for the sake of improved speed but for the 
> reduced number of files you need to distribute.
This is the primary reason for "stand-alone Erlang" for me (though, as I 
have mentioned, there are other aspects for persons I work with). The 
idea of statically linking in the required libraries (like "beam.dll" on 
the Win32 platform), and providing two files for deployment (archive of 
beams & single executable) will make Erlang much easier to distribute & 

I realise the dream of a two file deployment is a long way off (if it is 
even on the map!), but the idea is so good I can't let go of it!
> This will most probably show up in a R12B-x release next year.
So after the initial R12B release has settled down then?


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