[erlang-questions] EUC 2007 oversubscribed

Daniel Luna <>
Wed Oct 31 16:00:04 CET 2007

On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, Jeremy Thurgood wrote:
> David King wrote:
>>> On 10/28/07, Matthew O'Gorman <> wrote:
>>>> all the more reason you should have one stateside preferably in the
>>>> south where i live ^_^
>>> There are some really nice convention halls in Atlanta GA and
>>> Orlando FL...  =)
>> And the Bay Area, CA
> While we're nominating venues, Cape Town is very nice this time of year. ;-)

And so is Uppsala, Sweden (about 65 kilometers from Stockholm...). But I 
will not propose a move of EUC.

It is my firm belief that the EUC will "always" be at Ericsson in Älvsjö, 
but I hope that the Älvsjö EUC will not be the only Erlang User 
Conference. There are Erlang users all over the world.

If one or more of you EUC-wannabes wish to start a tradition in some other 
part of the world I think we all would be very positive. And it would be a 
good excuse for me to travel...

Just my $0.02.

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