[erlang-questions] Restrict epmd to one IP address?

Erik A. Onnen <>
Wed Oct 31 07:24:29 CET 2007

>>> Just searched a while for an option to bind epmd to a specific IP
>> address. On my system it binds to all available IP addresses. Hmm, nothing so
>> far. Do I really have to install a firewall because of epmd?
>>> How do you deal with epmd? Any better options?
> Good to know. But still, epmd listens on Any other suggestions?
> Regards,
> Eric

Looking at source for R11B-5, epmd_int.h explicitly sets the address of 
the socket struct to INADDR_ANY (or IN6ADDR_ANY_INI for ipv6). So you're 
really at the mercy of the OS. Certain BSDs will choose the "default" 
interface, Linux will choose all interfaces, can't speak for Windows or Mac.


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