[erlang-questions] port_command and marshalling

Per Hedeland <>
Mon Oct 29 18:16:42 CET 2007

"Paul Oliver" <> wrotes:
>I have a port open with opts [{packet, 4}, binary] and call it using:
>port_command(Port, term_to_binary(Msg)),
>With the definition of  receive_erlang_port_msg below, for a
>particular call, I get:
>Does anyone know where the -103 comes from?

It comes from 153 + your use of an apparently-signed type 'byte' for the
length bytes. If you switch that to 'unsigned char' it will work (at
least upto len = 2^31-1). Or cast the bytes to 'unsigned char' instead
of 'unsigned' (which isn't some "generic" thing, but just short for
'unsigned int').

--Per Hedeland

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