[erlang-questions] disk merging

Richard Carlsson <>
Sat Oct 27 16:50:22 CEST 2007

Joe Armstrong wrote:
> Music? I need to guess the artist/album/track from a combination of
> the filename and
> any embedded Id3 tags. Now I know that about 5-10% of all mp3 files
> have incorrect ID3 tags
> (I found this writing the erlang book).
> Are there any text data listings of (artict,album,track) tuples for
> the 10^6 most popular
> songs? - this would be useful.

Better: use the MusicBrainz tagger ("Picard"): it usually works even
if the file is called xyz54321.mp3 and has no tags at all. It can
tag your files and give them sane names automatically.


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