[erlang-questions] how: erlang interface to version control

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) <>
Sat Oct 27 10:16:25 CEST 2007

jm wrote:
> Is there a module floating around to interface erlang to any of the 
> common revision control systems, eg subversion? Took a quick look in 
> junerl and cean, but couldn't see anything.

I wrote a read-only CVS plugin to CCviewer once. It's not
in the version found on the erlang.org/contribs, but
you can get a tar file of the source code. Even though
you'd have to reverse-engineer the plugin interface, and
there is no documentation, you should figure it out
quickly enough. (:

CCviewer was a custom web server for source code browsing.
We used it for browsing Erlang code in Clearcase
repositories, but I thought it might be useful to support
other version control systems as well, so I made a plugin
interface to support different repositories, and wrote an
incomplete CVS plugin as a first experiment.

Since I had no need for updating CVS via the web server,
I haven't done any work on that.

(I've only attached the source code of the CVS plugin)

Ulf W
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