[erlang-questions] widefinder update

Anders Nygren <>
Sat Oct 27 00:04:35 CEST 2007

On 10/23/07, Anders Nygren <> wrote:
> To summarize my progress on the widefinder problem
> A few days ago I started with Steve Vinoski's tbray16.erl
> As a baseline on my 1.66 GHz dual core Centrino
> laptop, Linux,
> tbray16
> real    0m7.067s
> user    0m12.377s
> sys     0m0.584s
> I removed the dict used for the shift table,
> and changed the min_heap_size.
> That gave
> real    0m2.713s
> user    0m4.168s
> sys     0m0.412s
> (see tbray_tuple.erl and wfbm4_tuple.erl)
> Steve reported that it ran in ~1.9 s on his 8 core server.
> Then I removed the dicts that were used for collecting the
> matches and used ets instead, and got some improvement
> on my dual core laptop.
> real    0m2.220s
> user    0m3.252s
> sys     0m0.344s
> (see tbray_ets.erl and wfbm4_ets.erl)
> Interestingly Steve reported that it actually performed
> worse on his 8 core server.
> These versions all read the whole file into memory at the start.
> On my laptop that takes ~400ms (when the file is already cached
> in the OS).
> So I changed it to read the file in chucks and spawn the worker
> after each chunk is read.
> tbray_blockread with 4 processes
> real    0m1.992s
> user    0m3.176s
> sys     0m0.420s
> (see tbray_blockread.erl and wfbm4_ets.erl)
> Running it in the erlang shell it takes ~1.8s.
> Just starting and stopping the VM takes
> time erl -pa ../../bfile/ebin/ -smp -noshell -run init stop
> real    0m1.229s
> user    0m0.208s
> sys     0m0.020s
> It would be interesting to see how it runs on other machines,
> with more cores.
> /Anders

So I have a new version that I think will break the 1 second barrier
on Steve's 8-core
The best I have seen on my dual core laptop is
real:  0m1.689s
user: 0m2.2756s
sys:  0m0.396s

The changes relative my latest posted tbray_blockread.erl are
- reading the file is in a separate process
- never bind variables to sub binaries unless absolutely necessary
- only have a limited number of worker processes at any time

One lesson from this exercise is that it can be bad for performance,
the result of changing the code to not bind variables to sub binaries
can be seen in the garbage collection statistics.

wfinder, (an unreleased version that ran in 1.050s on Steve's 8-core)
garbage collections: 46302
words reclaimed: 501768347

garbage collections: 13917
words reclaimed: 384561741

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