[erlang-questions] disk merging

Linan Wang <>
Thu Oct 25 23:07:16 CEST 2007

Interesting problem.
It appears to me like a svn/cvs/git related problem. I think the core
is to merge indices. Have a look at git, in my memory it has such kind
of function.
Hopefully Time Machine will solve this kind of problems.

On 25/10/2007, Joe Armstrong <> wrote:
> I have an interesting? problem.
> Over the last ? years (> 10) I have been upgrading my home system
> this usually involved buying a bigger disk and copying most (or all)
> of the files
> from the old disk to the new disk or disks.
> I've also been backing up the family photos etc on USB disks.
> Now I have > 1 Tera bytes of files spread over c. 10 computers and
> 3 pluggable USB disks. Having made a "backup" both the original and the
> copy live lives of their own.
> Does anybody know of a good algorithm to consolidate/merge all this
> data or do I have
> to write my own? One immediate thought is to compute the MD5 sums of
> all files on all
> disk and thus find all duplicates - then create a master copy of all
> unique files
> but the file names will be wrong and this might result in a big mess.
> This cannot be an uncommon problem - any ideas how to solve it?
> /Joe
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