[erlang-questions] erlang api documentation

Christian S <>
Thu Oct 25 13:02:33 CEST 2007

These problems are related to making links

<a href="javascript:open('/real/url/to/resource')">linktext</a>

instead of

<a href="/real/url/to/resource" onclick="return open(this.href);">linktext</a>

Everyone should do it the second way whenever the opened page has a
real url known at page-generation time.  Benefits are, as mentioned by
that open-in-new-tab works. It's the web-2.0-way to surf. :)

PS. With js injection using prototypejs and jQuery one can do even
cleaner things, such as adding the onclick event to all links with a
certain class. But I have yet to experience all that much benefit from
such approaches.
(Thanks in advance for not starting a thread on the merits though :)

2007/10/25, Daniel Luna <>:
> And this javascript is actually quite irritating for me. I quite often
> wish to open links in a new tab, but when the link is a javscript thingie
> I only get an empty tab when I middle-click.
> Please don't use them in the future version.
> /Luna
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