[erlang-questions] Forming a cluster

Kenneth Lundin <>
Wed Oct 24 23:40:55 CEST 2007

By using

The newly started node can find out about other nodes already started.
Of course this requires knowledge of the possible Hosts which can
have running nodes.

You can also read about global and how it can maintain a fully connected

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On 10/24/07, Jack Orenstein <> wrote:
> What is the recommended procedure for setting up a cluster of nodes,
> each running an Erlang VM (all with the same .erlang.cookie)? The
> nodes are all in the same subnet, behind a firewall. The node
> population is reasonably static, but nodes there may be occasional
> additions. When a node joins, the nodes already in the cluster need
> to know about it. Each node has to know about every other node, (e.g.
> by calling nodes()).
> net_kernel:monitor_nodes will indicate when a node joins, but only if
> the new node sends a message to some node in the cluster. How does
> the new node know who is present? There seems to be a bootstrapping
> problem. Also, requiring a new node to know about a cluster member is
> problematic since the selected node might be down.
> net_adm and the .erlang.hosts file is a possible solution, but that
> seems static. It doesn't seem to accomodate nodes joining after the
> initial cluster forms.
> Is there a dynamic solution that doesn't require the new node to know
> anything about the existing cluster members?
> Jack Orenstein
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