[erlang-questions] Rant: I hate parsing XML with Erlang

Thomas Lindgren <>
Tue Oct 23 16:27:19 CEST 2007

--- Joel Reymont <> wrote:

> On Oct 23, 2007, at 2:30 PM, Sean Hinde wrote:
> > Take a look at yaws_html.erl. That is quite a nice
> parser that  
> > doesn't produce the same bloat as xmerl
> Are there any examples of using yaws_html as well as
> the output that  
> it produces? Would be nice to include in this
> thread.

1> yaws_html:parse("ShowLetter.html").
                     [{title,[],"Yahoo! Mail -
                              "\n<!-- \n\tif(typeof
top.frames[\"wmailmain\"] != \"undefined\")
window.open(\"http://mail.yahoo.com\", \"_top\");\n//
and so on

However, note that yaws_html (1.68 in this case)
apparently isn't robust enough to handle unclosed tags
and perhaps other nastiness. You get parse errors
instead, which might not be what you want for a real
html processor. Good luck.

(For extra credit, write an xmerl -> ehtml converter.)


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