[erlang-questions] Rant: I hate parsing XML with Erlang

Kenneth Lundin <>
Tue Oct 23 13:57:39 CEST 2007


Just to clarify.
You happens to hate XML handling with the XMERL application that is
part of the Erlang/OTP distribution.
We are very well aware of that XMERL and the support for XML in the
distribution needs improvements and they will happen.

But I don't think you can draw any conclusions regarding Erlang as a
language and
how well suited it is for XML programming because of this.

I would appreciate if  you maybe can be a little more specific about
what you think needs to be improved in XMERL.
The output from xmerl_scan:file/2 is big but is not intended for
viewing on the screen. We think there is need for a more compact
output as well, among other things for performance reasons.

/Kenneth Erlang/OTP group at Ericsson

On 10/23/07, Joel Reymont <> wrote:
> I only have so much horizontal real-estate on my screen and I totally
> hate how xmlElement and xmlAttribute take so much of it. I also hate
> how XML parsing code looks in Erlang.
> Am I the only one?
> I think Simon Peyton-Jones (Haskell) said that the syntax is the user
> interface of a language. If so then Erlang has a user interface only
> a mother could love, at least when it comes to parsing XML!
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