[erlang-questions] *current* value?

Tim Bates <>
Thu Oct 18 15:32:13 CEST 2007

Joel Reymont <> wrote:
> {S1, ok} = reserved(S, "while"),
> {S2, E} = expr(S1),
> {S3, ok} = reserved(S2, "begin"),
> {S4, Xs} = statements(S3),
> {S5, ok} = reserved(S4, "end"),
> {S5, {while, e, {compound, xs}}}.

Thomas Lindgren wrote:
> I'd probably prefer a parse transform, because it's
> cleaner and probably faster, ...

Does anyone have a parse transform for this kind of thing? I currently 
use macros in a pattern like this:

-define(E(Expr), fun(State) -> Expr, State end).
-define(U(Expr), fun(State) -> Expr, NewState end).
-define(EXPRSEQ(Init, List), lists:foldl(fun(Fun, State) -> Fun(State) 
end, Init, List)).

Final = ?EXPRSEQ(Initial, [
   ?U( {ok, NewState} = some_function(State) ),
   ?E( some_other_function(State) ),
   ?U( {ok, NewState} = a_third_function(State) )

I use it alot in tests where there's lots of sequential code, and it 
allows me to insert and reorder the expressions without having to update 
all the variable numbers (S1, S2, etc) but it's ugly and involves 
constructing lots of funs. I'd love a parse transform to do something 
like this.

If nobody's got one, I'm prepared to have a crack at writing one if 
anyone has suggestions as to how it might work.


Tim Bates

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