[erlang-questions] Erlang or OCaml

James Hague <>
Tue Oct 16 15:50:48 CEST 2007

The short version is that they're both good languages.

If raw, single-processor speed was key for me, then I'd use OCaml.
Ditto for problems that make heavy use of array updates (like image
processing).  I also program in C and Forth, so I might use one of
those, depending on the situation.

That said, I typically use Erlang as my personal project
language--this *is* an Erlang mailing list, after all--for two
reasons.  First, the core language agrees with me more: dynamic
typing, binaries, overall syntax.  Second, Erlang is a better fit for
the modern world: lightweight processes, ability to reload code while
an application is running (wonderful for development!).

I spent quite a bit of time back in 1998-9 or so evaluating Haskell,
Erlang, OCaml, SML/NJ, Lisp, etc., and have stuck with Erlang since

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