[erlang-questions] Can't get yaws to recognize modules

Berlin Brown <>
Mon Oct 15 00:26:43 CEST 2007

I have a simple yaws application and can't figure why yaws won't
recognize functions in my module. (yaws 1.73)

Also, I dont really understand the role of the *.app file in the ebin directory.

Here is my app file which I am assuming is loaded automatically:
{application, ebotlist_app,
 [{description, "Ebotlist"},
  {vsn, "0.1"},
  {modules, [ botlist_find_links ] },
  {applications, [kernel, stdlib]},
   [ {log_prefix, "ebotlist_log"} ] },
  {mod, {ebotlist_app,[]}} ]

This is all that is in the source, beam file and that is found in the
ebin directory.

-record(entity_links, {main_url, url_title, keywords, rating,
full_name, created_on}).

find_links() ->
    F = fun() ->
		WP = mnesia:table_info(entity_links, wild_pattern),
		[EntityLink || EntityLink <- mnesia:match_object(WP)]
    case mnesia:transaction(F) of
        {atomic, Result}  -> {ok, Result};
        {aborted, Reason} -> {error, Reason}

The error itself is displayed by yaws:

function find_links/0 undefined

You can see most of the code here:

Berlin Brown
newspirit technologies

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