[erlang-questions] "Erlang plus BDB: Disrupting the Conventional Web Wisdom"

Chris Newcombe <>
Fri Oct 12 20:00:45 CEST 2007

> BDB for commercial use. Sure I can if I pay - a lot.f
> And the "a lot" is also so much so they don't even dare quote the
> number on the website.

This is over the top.   The phrase "a lot" is so subjective it is
meaningless.  And in my experience at least, the 'price' isn't on the
website largely because it varies significantly from customer to
customer, in a good way.

e.g. I know from personal experience that Sleepycat were quite happy
to do low up-front costs plus a per-product unit royality, if that's
what suited the customer.  The royality percentage was emminently
reasonable, and depended on the amount of use the product made of BDB
-- i.e. the deal was flexible and fair to both sides.

You can also buy a one-off license to distribute as many copies as you
like, forever.  Obviously that cost considerably more -- but then how
many other *embeddable* (zero-install, zero-human-maintenance),
industrial-strength, performant, highly concurrent, transactional,
replication-ready storage engines are there out there?  You are
getting a very sophisticated piece of equipment for the money.

My knowledge of the the royaltiy deal is from before Oracle bought
Sleepycat, but for all I know they are still this flexible.  And it
only takes one email to them to find out for yourself.  (See my
earlier post today for the email address.)


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