[erlang-questions] Where is 13th International Erlang/OTP User Conference going to be?

G Bulmer <>
Thu Oct 11 20:37:12 CEST 2007

Francesco, thank you for your help.

On 11 Nov 2007, at 19:05, Francesco Cesarini wrote:
>> The OTP course looks interesting, but I must admit, I'll have to  
>> reorganise things, I am currently planning to be in the states  
>> 'till 6th Nov.
> The next scheduled ones are in London in November and South Africa  
> in December.
Unfortunately, I am currently committed to seeing a very dear friend  
for Loy Krathong during the week of the London course, and South  
Africa is a bit of a stretch for my own interest, even for me!
>> Is the OTP course starting 5th Nov. a hands-on course? The course  
>> approach isn't clear to me.
> Very much hands on. About 50% of the time is dedicated to  
> exercises. They consists in building a banking system, where the  
> gen_server is the database and the FSM is the ATM machine. (Web  
> banking APIs and the ATM graphics are provided).
That sounds very interesting.

>> Would it be a reasonable level if all my Erlang experience has  
>> been based on Joe's book, and 'hacking around'?
> Yes. Everyone at all levels (Assuming they have a programming  
> background and have used Erlang) who attends an OTP course will get  
> out the knowledge needed based on their entry level. This will vary  
> from the person who just attended an Erlang course the week before  
> to the developer who has worked with Erlang for over a year and is  
> now making sure he has not missed anything. Only issue with this  
> course is that 5 days will be compressed into 4, so the tempo will  
> be higher.
Can you help my giving some suggestions on useful preparations to do  
ahead of time? A little bit of brushing up over then next few weeks  
might reduce the impact of that compression. Based on what you've  
said, Joe's Mnesia and gen server chapters would be useful.

>> Has anyone been on the course, who is also familiar with the  
>> contents of Joe's book? Have you got comments about the course  
>> that you could share?
> I need to leave that to others who attended.
Okay, fair comment.

There are chapters on OTP, and Mnesia. How would you rate the breadth  
and depth of the course vs the contents of the book? For example, do  
you think the course fills in many of the details and also practices  
it, and/or do you feel the course is much broader? Or is there some  
other benefit?

> Regards,
> Francesco
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>> Garry
>>> Hi Garry,
>>> I agree, the Erlang workshop was the best one so far. 100  
>>> participants at the Commercial Users of Functional Programming  
>>> (Growing at this rate, the workshop will become larger than  
>>> ICFP ;-) ) and 60 at the Erlang workshop are real records clearly  
>>> showing the positive trends in the industrial use of FP.
>>> One of the things we have done for the past three EUCs is provide  
>>> Erlang and OTP courses in conjunction with the Conference. The  
>>> week before the conference, we give a 5 day Erlang by Example,  
>>> and on the week of teh conference, a 4 day OTP course, with a one  
>>> day break on the Thursday for the conference itself. More  
>>> information on the courses is available at
>>> http://www.erlang-consulting.com/training/schedule.html
>>> See you at EUC!
>>> Francesco
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>>> http://www.erlang-consulting.com
>>> G Bulmer wrote:
>>>> After last weeks excellent Erlang workshop, I am thinking about  
>>>> going  to the 13th International Erlang/OTP User Conference.
>>>> Unfortunately, I don't know where it is (more precisely than  
>>>> Stockholm).
>>>> Is it in a hotel or a conference centre?
>>>> Is there a hotel offering a good deal on accommodation? I notice  
>>>> that  Hotell Älvsjö was offering a discount last year.
>>>> I realise this is very likely too late for this year, but I  
>>>> will  suggest it anyway.
>>>> It takes several days out of my schedule to go to a conference,  
>>>> and  it's much easier to justify to myself when there are a  
>>>> couple of days  of content. I would be very interested in a full  
>>>> day of training- orientated sessions towards "Erlang for those  
>>>> who have largely read  and understood Joe's book". The things I  
>>>> feel I miss are the  idiomatic uses of Erlang (like John Hughes'  
>>>> tiny [X || X>0]), and I'd  love a 1/2+ day chunk of "Programming  
>>>> Distributed Erlang  Applications: Pitfalls & Recipes" with hands  
>>>> on exercises. I suspect  other newbies would too.
>>>> I wouldn't expect it for free, though I am price sensitive (this  
>>>> is  my holiday, after all :-), maybe 116 €/person, with a group  
>>>> of 20  people? We bring our laptops with Erlang installed and  
>>>> ready to go,  and the organiser provides a wireless network to  
>>>> distribute example  code, slides and stuff. The whole thing  
>>>> could be the day after the  user conference.
>>>> If Erlang takes off big, it will be almost essential for next  
>>>> year.  So the opportunity is to beta-test the whole process on  
>>>> us this year :-)
>>>> I notice that last year, the conference was 2 days long. Does  
>>>> anyone  know why it's only one day, the 8th, this year, or is  
>>>> there more  announcements to come?
>>>> G Bulmer
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